sometimes i take my clothes off for people

Jul 4, 2011

these are not my jeans... i traded with my cousin-in-law because she needed shorts and i happened to be wearing denim cut offs...
so we swapped.

this has become sort of a habit of late, sometimes i think that something i have on would look great on someone else, so i just strip it off and hand it over
i feel like i totally scored on this swap these awesome jeans totally make my 7 dollar shoes look amazing
thrifted blouse, necklace made by me, swapped jeans, Target heels

tutorial on this necklace tomorrow... {although i am sure you can kind of guess how i made it}
you all know how i love easy handmade jewelry


ps.. having such a blast visiting family in UT and to top it all off Livy said she was coming today!!! surprise! 
all 4 sisters in one place,
oh the shenanigans!!!


  1. Hilary MaeJuly 04, 2011

    Awesome outfit. And those jeans are beyond perfect.


  2. AHHHH love love love this outfit! I wish I could borrow from my cousin lol

    xoxo Darby


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