Do you rock the "mini"? We do.

Aug 12, 2011

{not a mini skirt! :) come on now.}

its called  the "Mini Molly" {or the "Mini Cami"...}

its like a tiny little half top with sleeves, perfect for layering when you dont really want to

Jaime, the founder of Mollys Clothing, told me all about how the "mini" came to be... she had a very pregnant friend who lived in the desert in CA, who was sick of layering in the sweltering heat, so Jaime took her classic cap sleeve and chopped it for her friend! and so the "Mini Molly" was born..{and shortly after, her friends baby} lucky for us she realized what a cool idea she had stumbled across!

Jaime was sweet enough to send me a couple to try and i fell in love! they are made out of a different type of fabric than i thought they would be... not a stretch cotton like i had expected, what ever it is it makes it easier to layer cotton over because it doesnt stick to the fabric.

seriously, you guys need to check it out!

give the code SISTERS4 for a 15% discount on the entire site!


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