linen pants refashion, and a doofus story...

Aug 11, 2011

Charlotte Ruche top, Modbe undershirt, Lia Sophia cuff, thrifted{refashioned} pants, Vera Wang for Kohls shoes

its hard to tell but the cutest part of these pants are the drawstring bottoms... i carefully unpicked the hem and moved the string out of the way before taking them in. then i replaced the drawstring and trimmed it... note to self, linen doesnt stretch, so leave a little extra seam allowance... ya know in case the booty doesnt fit, cause it totally didnt and i had to let out every seam to give myself a little wiggle room... you sew, and you learn, and then sew some more... ;)

if you want to hear a funny pants story keep reading....

so i am sort of known by the Missionaries at  our church as the lady who fixes pants and these boys ALWAYS rip the seams on their pants, the side seams down the pocket, the crotch seams and they occasionally need them hemmed...  i have gotten quite good at fixing up these pants! just before we left for UT one of the missionaries needed a quick hem, which i promptly forgot about for 3, nearly 4 weeks... so i was like crap. i grabbed the first pair of mens pants i saw and cut and hemmed those suckers up an inch, i even spotted a ripped side seam that i almost missed. the next day the missionaries came by to pick up the pants... i handed them over, quite proud of my work and that i even caught that ripped seam... and he said
", those aren't my pants"

what? whos could they be? ...then i had a flashback of my sweet {and super tall, i might add} teacher husband who came home from school one day with the side seam of his pants stapled together


i just ruined his pants. sad part is, the pants the missionary gave me were brown and my husbands were gray and i STILL couldn't get it right!!! they just looked like big pants that i knew for sure didn't belong to me! {i will have to start pinning everybodys name on their stuff from now on}

anyone else have a doofus sewing story they want to share? {ya know, to make me feel better}



  1. Megan IzattAugust 11, 2011

    I wasn't paying attention to where I was cutting the first time I went to hem my husband's temple pants, thank goodness for a mother, who is a sewing wonder, and who could fix my mistake@

  2. I have always wanted to wear black head to toe and I can't get away with it but you are beautiful. You can even hem pants, that is awesome. Although after reading your mix up I may not ever ask you to hem my pants. I hope you understand. Hee hee. 

  3. Here's one for you: I've been working on a purple linen dress FOREVER (it has a yoke on it that is super cute but more work than I realized) that I finally conquered and finished today. I had to put it away for a little while because the sleeves were driving me crazy. (Sleeves are my nemesis.) I finally sat down, determined to get them right, and promptly sewed, seam ripped, and re-sewed one of the sleeves eight times (yes, I did say eight) until it was perfect! I was super excited until I turned it right side out and realized...the sleeve was inside out! Oy vey!


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