elise rocks my outfit...

Aug 20, 2011

one of the days we were visiting UT i had Elise {sis#4} dress me...

i think it would be fun for the four of us to dress eachother for a week, and we would absolutely have to wear what we were told, no matter how crazy... 
oh how the wheels are turning.

Elises vest, Target Tee, Elises jeans, Elises Steve Maden boots

and some really beatiful poses



i have been on an organizing, throw everything out, kick... i just decided one day that we only need about half the crap we own. our house is super tiny with hardly any closet space and you might be able to imagine the amount of clothes and shoes my daughters and i have accumulated...{ just to put it in perepective i bought Cora at least 15 pairs of tiny baby shoes before the child was even born, now she is 5.} and now it is school shopping season and new outfits are in order, more shoes and suddenly i feel the need have the goodwill truck back up into my driveway so i can load it up..

any one else feeling this way? i even chucked about half the stuff in my refashion pile... really. 



  1. sugarplumsaraAugust 20, 2011

    what a fun idea! I want to try that sometime, like a blogger swap but we all dress each other with each other's clothes. she did a great job choosing your outfit by the way! rocker chic with those smokin heels :)
    The House of Shoes

  2. You girls are so fun!  The outfit really does rock & I'm especially diggin the booty - er, I mean boots! Steve Madden how we adore thee...
    I've been on the SAME kick lately too - purging all of our extra crap around our house. I  even thought about hosting a "come & get my crap" giveaway on my blog...not really....maybe I should go with a big bon-fire instead.


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