Aug 22, 2011

Last year our family didn't sent out any Christmas cards (They're kind of a lot of work).  My husband let me know that this year he really wants to send some out. So this last Sunday I had my wonderful sister in-law snap some shots of our family.  Yes, I understand that it is AUGUST, but come on, if I waited any longer I would have entered the "huge" stage of pregnancy where no angles are flattering (For me anyways...I hate you Sydneyjust kidding, I love her.) OR my other option was to take a new family photo the second after I have my child when I am not pregnant but still look 6 months along... yeah. no.
Plus, (I am embarrassed that I am admitting this) I am on a total Christmas kick.  Seriously. 
I just sewed an advent calendar and made Christmas banners to go all over my house. 
 I'm crazy, I know.
It's my weird way of nesting I think.  Baby boy will be born in November and I will be such a tired wiped out new mommy that I won't be able to enjoy the holidays and make traditions. This way I am technically "crazy" but when the holidays come I'll be ready to go.
Don't you worry I have like 5 Halloween projects in the works too.

So here are some outfit photos from the day of our little family shoot!

Top~ Target 3.00, Skirt~Thrifted 3.00, Necklace~Walmart 3.00, Belt~Thrifted 1.50,  Shoes ~ Nordstrom Rack  Gift

Hope you are all having a great Monday!! 
I am off to teach hip hop class... Wish me luck.
Yes, feel free to laugh at the idea of me "hip hopping" around in my condition.


  1. Oh my heck Sophie you look amazing! I am so in love girl!!

  2. I can't believe you found that skirt thrifted... it is so cute.  Did you have to hem it or change it at all to make it maternity?  You look so cute.  I just finished a Halloween quilt and am working on 2 more Halloween projects and can't wait to start Christmas stuff, so no, you're not crazy, you're just awesome!

  3. I adore that entire outfit! I need to go thrifting and get some skirts like that for my bittle bump.

  4. STUNNING!!  You look gorgeous!!  If you want help with your ccard, let me know...but you rock it on your own too! :)  I need to get Cooper into a class!!

  5. Love the Pictures Sophie!! I had my son in November too! we did our christmas pictures but had my older daughter on my lap so no one saw my un lost body weight. :D

  6. that skirt is AMAZING! i love this look!

  7. These are such beautiful photos!  I hope I look that good pregnant!

  8. You look radiant! These are beautiful photos!

  9. Katherine BecksteadAugust 22, 2011

    you look beautiful soph!! love you!

  10. Do things while you can and still have the energy.  I had my son the day before Thanksgiving almost two years ago.  Let's just say, we never got our tree up or the house decorated that year.  I barely got Christmas cards out.  It may seem early but once the baby's here you won't have the time. 

  11. asktheduplexAugust 24, 2011

    These are stunning! And, that skirt is so fabulous.

    Ask the Duplex

  12. Vivian PatersonAugust 25, 2011

    don't worry. i loooooove Christmas. I'm already looking up craft ideas for decorations online so that when Christmas comes I will be prepared. I also really love Christmas music and around this time of really I really start to miss it, so I may or may not play it on the way to work occasionally. 

  13. KarinanavasAugust 27, 2011

    LOVE this outfit!! You look beautiful!!


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