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Aug 8, 2011

Find more flattering shorts.

Ya know I don't have many "rules" but one that I stick to (and in this situation should have probably listened to) is a 50/50 fitted vs. loose ratio. These shorts are super comfy, stretchy and fitted... which would work great with a flowy shirt but kinda makes me never want to put this outfit on again... 

Shoes~F21, Shorts~ Papaya, Tank~ Target, Cardi~Old Navy, Belt~Thrifted
(Name that movie...)



  1. Oh man! This message comes in good time. I was going through a 'purge' moment this weekend and donated all my unwanted stuff. I have a similar pair of shorts and when I saw them I thought "Hmm, I'll wear these again" and kept them. What was I thinking? Thanks for enlightening post.

  2. I just spent all weekend trying to find a pair of flattering shorts. I am dying in this heat and can't wear a dress everyday. It is nearly impossible to find a modest pair of shorts that don't make me look short and frumpy.... if only my legs were skinnier! ugh. 

  3. what? you look totally cute!

  4. Isabel HarrisAugust 08, 2011

    I don't know what you are talking about! You look amazing. Wear these shorts, again, and again. 

  5. First off you look fantastic. 

    Second. Never Been Kissed is a great movie!

  6. Rachel LukeAugust 09, 2011

    You are such a cute pregnant lady (:

  7. Sisters4saymoreismoreAugust 09, 2011

    YAY! you guessed it. there is something about her dorkiness that makes me feel awkward for her every time i watch that movie. 

  8. Sisters4saymoreismoreAugust 09, 2011

    Thank you. seriously! :)

  9. Sisters4saymoreismoreAugust 09, 2011

    Thank you thank you!!

  10. Sisters4saymoreismoreAugust 09, 2011

    Ah I feel you summer plus modest plus curves equals shorts dilemma.  Here is what I have been looking for lately in the short department I hope it helps...
    ~Dark dark denim rolled up bottom
    ~Light boyfriend cut offs that are loose around thighs and knees
    ~NO bleached worn out spots... they always seem to be right on the thighs (the one place i don't wish to have highlighted:)
    Hope that helps

  11. Amy BenedettoAugust 10, 2011

    i think you look ADORABLE! don't ditch this outfit. it's faboosh.  as for trying to find the perfect shorts, i did me some cutting this summer.  i have a few pair of jeans that, though i love the fit, are horribly frayed at the bottom.  i hacked them off right below the knee and fold them twice so they're just above my knee cap.  super cute, and super comfy...and free :)

  12. SvyettlanaAugust 12, 2011

    Never been kissed!


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