surprises for baby Eden...

Aug 2, 2011

can you guess?

 how about now?

yes thats right... rapunzel! my lovely, teeny niece Eden is slightly obsessed with this movie... she dances around and pretend brushes her hair, she "sings" all the songs... i even have an awesome video of her pretending to be Mother Gothel... the kid isn't even 2 and she is a full blown actress... this year Sophie is planning a halloween themed bday party for Eden, so of course she needs a killer costume and since my kids STILL cant make up their minds about what they want to be i thought i would start on Edens..

the problem is when i started this costume i made the "wig" first and it turned out so darn cute that now both of my kids think that they want to be rapunzel... {we will see how long that lasts} Eva let me know that i should make them each one "just in case" they want to be rapunzel for halloween... and if they dont they could just play dress up...

i have a feeling i am gonna be spending alot of time at the sewing machine!

so now what should sophie and brent be? the lizard and the horse? hehe...
how are they supposed to top last years costumes?



  1. you're such a good tia. 

  2. Carrie DimasAugust 02, 2011

    Selina You are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE MOM

  3. ...I saw that last bit and all I thought was "MOTHER GOTHEL AND A STABBINGTON BROTHER". Because that would be pretty epic.

  4. oh my gosh! that would be hilarious!!!! 


  5. That wig is darling!!!!


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