Summer storms

Jul 29, 2011

Sister #4
Cardi and Skirt~ Forever 21, T-Shirt~sister #2, Chucks~Thrifted.....Red lips~Revlon  Just Bitten in "Gothic"

One reason why I love Elise is that about 20 minutes after this little photo sesh she jumped into the car with her friends and played in the rain for hours. No big deal that it takes her and hour to straighten her hair...

She has her priority's straight.

There is just something magical about summer storms. 
Elise and I also decided that it is really important to kiss someone in the pouring rain... bucket list.


  1. I ' missing rainy days!! It's so dry out here in Texas :-(

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  2. agreed about the bucket list... better get crackin! haha!

  3. Joni JamesAugust 02, 2011

    Converse are so very timeless!


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