this is my crazy happy face....

Aug 23, 2011

 ... and these are the shoes that made my face look like this.

yum right... its still pretty sweaty out here in MI but that didn't stop me from taking advantage of a killer boot clearance at the Aldo Outlet
 i will say that it sure was hard to walk out of there with only one pair of beautiful shoes... mmmm... shoes...  i should go back huh?

some one better talk me out of it quick...

tell me i already have enough shoes...

tell me that i could never really ever need another pair of shoes because i have so many that it would take me roughly 7 1/2 months to wear each shoe in my closet one time before having to start again.... 

i am getting my keys...

i am weak.

refashioned tee, vintage necklace, Macy's jeggings, Aldo shoes
and for the road, a mustache picture...



  1. Hilary BiggartAugust 23, 2011

    those shoes are amazing! also, when in doubt, always go back to the store - you never know the things you will regret not buying :)

    e&h adventure book

  2. Amazing boots! Absolutely gorgeous. I think I need to find an Aldo outlet Right. Now!

    Rebecca {hearts}...

  3. Chloe_rushworthAugust 23, 2011

    Love those boots, I seriously couldn't resist either.

    C x

  4. they look great - i bet they'll get a lot of wear this fall!

  5. Those shoes are beyond awesome! I need to get a similar pair for fall for sure!

  6. Shoes are never about "need" but rather that "crazy happy face" they cause :)  Love your new booties!

    ♥ Cat

  7. KarinanavasAugust 27, 2011

    Love the contrast of the necklace with the striped tee!

  8. MisslismarieSeptember 04, 2011

    love those shoes.


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