woah nelly... I mean belly

Aug 5, 2011

The belly is growing! It seems to make a noticeable growth in size each week. Baby boy has about 5-6 pounds to put on before the big day! Grow baby!
I am feeling excited, incapable, and thrilled all at once. I feel like I am ready to POP tomorrow, but dude, I have 3 more months! Baby just kicks and kicks all day long.  This is the second little bun I've had cookin in my oven and although it's nothing new, it never ceases to entertain me to feel his acrobatics in my belly. 

Necklace~ 1.50 @ Forever 21, Belt~ Thrifted, Cardi~Gift from Selina (ROSS) Maxi~Forever~21, Watch ~Target



  1. um... you clepto! is that my ring!!!!!


  2. Where do you get your maternity duds?  Lizzie sister-in-law is expecting for the first time and really needs to expand her wardrobe.  I like the fact that you can wear some items after, too.  Right?

  3. Aww yay! Your bump is SO cute!

  4. Chloe_rushworthAugust 07, 2011

    Such a cute cute bump, I hope I look as good as you ladies when i'm preggers. 

    C x

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