do your buns need a lift?

Sep 2, 2011

I love the look of the giant messy bun on the top of your head. Very cute and easy for busy days or making 2nd or 3rd day hair look awesome. Sad thing for me is I have thin hair. My buns normally look like tiny nubs on the top of my already very small head. 
I saw my friend use one of these things and I knew I had to try it....and SUCCESS! It created a nice lovely bun!
I got mine at Sally Beauty and yes, it does look like a giant hair ball doughnut.
but it works!
Best of luck in all your bun endeavors.


  1. oh! you should have saved yourself a couple bucks and done a sock bun! it's a donut made out of a sock that you put in the same way!

  2. Nice bun! Your pretty...I have also seen people just use a sock. Just cut the toe out and roll it up...Works the same! :) I tried it and my bun was massive, ha! You should also try washing your hair at night, drying it mostly, put in high pony, roll up into a high bun, sleep on it, and in the morning you should have pretty curls. Just an idea. Love ya!

  3. I have thin, fine hair, too!  I NEEEEEEEEEED this!!

  4. My mom is a hairdresser :) I know these, but I haven't got any at home. The last party I used a paper towel (I am blonde ;)). Yo can use a thin little scarf, too or a piece of fabric.

  5. ooo great find! i'm going to have to find one myself

  6. You can also use a sock! Which is nice bc you can use a bigger or smaller sock depending on your hair length and how big you want the bun. Just cut the toe off, then roll it up like a donut. Old ballerina trick ;)

  7. OK weird - just saw that another Jenna (sans H) just posted about the sock thing, too!


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