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Sep 3, 2011

Sophies top and jeans, Target shoes, necklace made by me 
 i totally stole this shirt and these jeans from Soph when we were visiting... {dont worry, it was a fair trade, i left all kinds of cute crap for her to wear that would also fit the growing belly...}

 i have a laundry confession to make...

i don't do it.

 ok... thats kind of a lie, i mostly dont do it, just fold it...

my sweet husband usually washes the clothes because when i do things come out stinky..

you know what i mean? that weird laundry mildew stink that happens when you forget about wet laundry for a couple days...

that is what this shirt smelled like.

no amount of perfume could cover it up, totally had to change out of my stinky top, this outfit lasted about an hour {as long as it took me to figure out that the funky smell was in fact me}

Eva said i needed a better shot of my shoes, so here it is..
are you drooling yet? beautiful huh...

anyone have any stinky laundry stories to share? 


  1. Yes, these shoes are gorgeous!

  2. Uuuh, yes I know that. The jeans of my boyfriend are stinky. I don't know why, but I think his mother don't put them right on the laundry rack^^ and now I have the problem to make that they don't smell -.-


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