super mod earrings...

Sep 13, 2011

  {i don't know if "mod" is the right word...}

i had some vintage lovelies that werent quite right... they needed some love...
so i got out my spray paint and hosed those suckers down...
tip... i punched the earrings through the plastic bag and fastened them  so i could tip them every angle with out turning my hand a pretty shade of blue...
 all done, SO easy{my favorite} and it takes 2 whole minutes!!!

and now for some awkward pics from my "photoshoot"

...if you are wondering about the other pair of earrings, they were a total fail. the spray paint made them sort of freeze up in this strange position.. not cute... and before i had a chance to try and fix them Eva stepped on one and broke it. 

she felt SO bad! when i got home and she told me what happened, her eyes welling up with tears, i was like dude... i totally screwed those up dont worry...
turns out she really liked them
the tears were "i feel bad" tears mixed with "but i wanted to wear those when i grew up" tears

just like her momma that child.



  1. Those are really cute! 
    Love the style and the color was a great choice!

  2. Oh YES, a woman after my own heart! How I love to spray paint EVERYTHING!!! Loved this! I love that blue!! Striking!


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