lets talk about stolen cars...

Nov 29, 2011

Old Navy striped top, Mollys Clothing "mini", Old Navy Rockstar jeans, Lia Sophia necklace, thrifted pewter beads, leg warmers handed down from my Mother in Law, Charlotte Russe boots

"Apparently" when someone STEALS your car you have to pay... nobody fingerprints anything... and you might not have a car for 2 weeks...

honestly, our deductible isn't as bad as most but it still really gets me grouchy that we have to pay a DIME!

the shoes...
THE SHOES i could buy with the money we are losing... it brings a real tear to my eye.

for real though, we need a new oven {its not that i use it, but it would help because only the broiler works, which means i am burning at least 75% of everything that goes in there verses my modest 50% burn rate in the regular oven} and instead of getting a new one we are getting our jacked up car back in less than one piece. fun.

wow. i am grouchy. 

have a great day friends! 



  1. I'm sorry to hear that! Wow, you would think they would get responsible, track down the ones who stole the car and make them pay.  So unfair! At least you look cute! : )



  2. I feel your pain.  My husbands car was stolen out of his work parking lot (that also has security cameras and security trucks that monitor the area) when my youngest son was 6 weeks old.  It was such a pain.   They never found our car and we had to wait the obligatory time before they considered it stolen and gave us what they thought was fair market value for the car.  However, fair market value for us was the fact that the car was paid for and was worth more to us than the amount they gave us.  Ugh...brings me back to that time, so I am so sorry.  Such a bummer.  

  3. Sue WestrellNovember 29, 2011

    Ugh, yeah. Stolen and wrecked cars are just /pains/ to deal with.
    (ps; I love these boots!)


  4. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleNovember 29, 2011

    oh, man, I'd be grumpy too. Sorry for your misfortunes, Selina, and I really hope they catch the bad guys. In the meantime, you look pretty fantastic!

  5. Aileen vidalsNovember 29, 2011

    that sucks! i know the feeling of spending uneccsary money on worthless things and not bieng able to spend the money on shoes or clothes!! hope all gets better for you!!!

  6. Crap!!  That's awful!  I'm glad you are safe.  So sorry about your nice little car.  Let me know if you need any transportation rides and I'll be happy to help.  Hugs.

  7. PS.  you can still get yourself a "new" oven from craigslist for $100ish.  I know it's not a new one, but maybe it would still do until you are able to get your nice oven.


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