The law of Averages

Dec 2, 2011

Target hat, Old Navy sweater, thrifted blazer, OldNavy Rockstar jeans, Payless boots

So my kids like to take turns being the "suck-up" and the "sassy pants" 
one will sass me and be uterly difficult and the other will notice the bratty-ness and decide shes gonna majorly suck up to me so as to move in as the "good girl"

you know how it goes...
C: "i dont want to wear that outfit... those skinny jeans are scratchy!"
E: "Mommy, i love when you pick out my outfit, you have the best styling skills {i swear she says this} i want to wear skinny jeans and i dont care if they are scratchy..."

well, the other day they were BOTH bad... and they wouldn't quit, nobody wanted to step up to be the suck up...
So i yelled in frustration
"One of you has got to be obedient!... Its the law of averages!"

they became quiet... and then i heard laughing... 
but it wasn't them

it was my mom {who i  left on speaker phone...}

she laughed and LAUGHED... and then we all did..

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  1. sweet hat! I love that shade of green:)

  2. LOL. Oh my goodness, I could not imagine having girls and dealing with that drama! I *love* your response to them. I would've bust out laughing, too, with the silent laugh where I can't speak because I'm laughing so hard.

    You look absolutely adorable in your green hat! Hard to imagine you are even a mom!


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