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Dec 6, 2011

 i am so excited to share this product review and tutorial with you guys!! {i am planning on silk screening all of my christmas gifts this year because it was so easy and fun!}

today i am reviewing

i was so excited to be included in this campaign! lately i was trying desperately to figure out how i can get my doodles onto clothing... i really wanted to be able to make custom designed printed tees for my little monsters... this kit does exactly that, right at home! and it couldn't be easier... completely customizable and you only need to buy refills for your kit when you run out of screens... {no need to re-buy the kit again} also a cool perk... there is no need to reverse your image or to use transparencies...
 first of all the box it comes in is your light box so dont mangle it or chuck it... it comes with a light bulb that you attach to the top you will get a pack of screens that are light sensitive and you want to keep these in the dark packaging so that you wont expose them... when you are ready with a black and white image {either printed off the computer or drwn in black marker} you lay your image face down onto the sticky side of the blue screen {i didn't photograph this so that i wouldn't expose the screen} and tape it down to assure nice crisp edges...
 20 mins in the light box and your image is burned into the screen! but you will barely be able to tell!!! it turns slightly yellow but dont fret... just soak it for 30 seconds or so and rub gently with a sponge on both sides and it will appear!
this is my test strip...
 make sure that you tape it down to the surface you are printing it on!

make a nice thin line with your paint and drag it across at a 45 degree angle with the scraper provided

 pretty good for my first time huh!

for my next try i decided to do one of my favorite mindless doodles... eyes...
 i sketched them and traced them in black sharpie
 and then layed it doodle side down onto my blue screen...
followd the steps above and ...

 i rinsed and dried the screen between color changes so that i could make a pattern with my screen...

tip: when drawing your own design make sure your lines are super clear and defined to get the sharpest image from your screen {the irises on my eyes blurred together because i failed to erase the pencil lines}

this is basically what i did to the tee... no sewing required

 i saw this braid idea on pinterest

 so easy huh!? 
 you can get this kit, the refills and the paint at Hobby Lobby and to see more super fun projects and ideas HERE on Plaids Simple screen DIY page...

i think she likes it! 

have an awesome day! 


  1. i want this whole outfit in my size!!

  2. That's sooo neat!

  3. Looks alot of fun! So awesome :)

    Come enter my Shabby Apple dress giveaway just in time for holiday parties season!

  4. CreichenbachDecember 07, 2011

    Great project Selina.  Thanks for the review!

  5. How cool. I missed this earlier. Love your repeat eye pattern.


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