my favorite jeans {right now}...

Dec 19, 2011

Old Navy blouse, Old Navy rockstar jeans, Target booties {stolen from Soph}, Lia Sophia necklace, thrifted necklace, Macys necklace

yes... i bought them initially because they are called "rockstar" jeans and who doesnt want a rocktsar booty...  no really, i tried them on in the store and DIED because the fit is SO good... {they give me curves in all the right places} so i waited for a sale and a coupon and got them for $15

now to collect them in every color....
i am an addict, its true

on a side note i am WAY the heck behind on my Christmas creating... lots of projects that haven't even been started... and i have been working {Nov and Dec are pretty much the only months out off the year that i work consistantly} so i am super tired... gosh im a total wimp! all i do is makeup 3 days a week its super fun, whats my problem?!  whatever.. i just need to get my butt moving and finish my crap!!!

any body else a major Christmas procrastinator? 


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  1. I completely understand the love of the ON Rockstar jeans! I am loving the dark blue denims but the black isn't my fave - on my rear, they just look too much like tights and well, that's a "no-no" unless I'm wearing a full coverage tee or sweater LOL!
    You look MaaaHHvelous, doll!


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