"nearly thirty" or "in my twenties"?

Dec 9, 2011

 i have been wearing a ton of black lately... work uniform...

so the last few weeks my daughters and i have been reheasing for our little holiday showcase at the dance studio... {i swear if i hear "last Christmas..." one more freaking time....}
 so basically a couple extra classes here and there which is not so bad for my little monsters but let me tell ya, i am feeling like im falling appart over here! 
its just that we are doing the same dance over and over so the same parts of me are getting continually beat... my shoulder is completely bruised  and sore and my legs feel like they have weights in them because i have done this giant leap onto the stage over and over and OVER!!!!! 
i swear for the most part i really dont feel old, but today i am really feeling "nearly thirty" instead of "in my twenties" {that leap just kept getting closer to the ground the whole rehearsal!} 
good times.
Target top, Macys super wide leg pants, Payless shoes, earrings?, Paperclip necklace {coming soon}
is there something that you love to do so much, no matter if it kills you? ;)

i keep telling myself this is good for me, when i am sore on the couch after class... i think i, at the very least, should pace myself a bit, but i get so excited i just throw myself into things i used to able to do... it was over 10 years ago when i was really dancing i need to give myself a teeny break!
moral of the story is, that i am sore because of me... i am pushing myself harder than i need to...
ive taken a few yoga classes and i do the same freaking thing... i push and push and then i am SO sore! apparently you are NOT supposed to do that in yoga... oops.

i think i need to work on this "all or nothing" problem of mine... it rolls into every aspect of my life, i cant clean my bathroom really quick, i need to scrub it with a toothbrush... and if i dont have time to detail it i wont do it at all!

please tell me im not the only one who is either lazy or crazy and nothing inbetween!


  1. Hands down, lady ~ you're a stunner! Didn't you know, 30-ish thru 50-ish is the new AWESOME?!

  2. where can I find me one of those paperclip necklaces? so cute!

  3. I am also reluctant to start something I can't finish or do 100%. you are not alone!

  4. i am working on a tutorial right now!

  5. awe thanks love! i have heard that over thirty is getting cooler and cooler.... cant wait to join the awesome club in April!

  6. I love the all black with the pop of gold. Great combo.


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