safari boyfriend ballerina... yikes.

Jan 4, 2012

yikes guys... yikes...
my sweet hubby is sick today with the flu and we had to run him to urgent care to get some medicine... and i am ashamed to say that i left the house in this unproportioned disaster outfit!!!  so i thought i would show anyone who felt like laughing along how i came to the conclusion that 2 super long tops+boyfriend jeans+legwarmers{what?} 
{in my defense, i was freezing... and delirious}

my first problem was my too long tee that i attemted to fix by tucking...

i ended up adding a pot belly to my duck butt to achieve a goofy {and possibly constipated} 87 year old man look

ok, so maybe its the legwarmers?

whip those off, add a belt...

not even close.

it just goes to show that several cute idividual items dont always equal a cute outfit

FINALLY, i  break out the trusted skinnies...

the doofus outfit has been saved!

next time i run out the door i will try not to throw proportion out the window

have you ever thrown on an outfit and felt cute until you caught a glimpse in the mirror hours later and realized that you missed the mark?{or in my case didn't even get close to the freaking mark!}

come on, dish!


  1. Ha! You remind me of my friend Gaby! (Or at least your facial expressions do!) Love the outfit you ended with - glad you made some new fashion choices : ) And yes this does happen, all the time - unfortunately for me, it often happens as I'm buying something at a store and later am trying it on again, only to find that it looks ridiculous!


  2. Ashley of flats to flip flopsJanuary 04, 2012

    All the fact now I am rethinking the outfit I have on right now......


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