its the flu... dont come over...

Jan 5, 2012

so, hubby has been up all night gagging, shaking and moaning...
its sounds kinda funny but he is for real!
they said it was just the flu but all those meds aren't working..
isn't Tamiflu supposed to be some kind of miracle drug?

not to be all gross on you guys but is it strange that he cant throw up? he keeps saying he wishes he could but cant... in fact he hasn't thrown up since he had his galbladder taken out 3 or 4 years ago..
maybe i'm just being paranoid... i have been googling non stop!
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  1. He's not weird. I can't throw up either. I haven't since I was 13. It sucks sometimes!!! 

  2. I have the same problem!  I haven't thrown up since I was in elementary school,  even though I've been really sick and felt like I needed to several times.  My sister and I joke that I've been "vomit free since '93."  Overshare?  Maybe.  But at least you know your hubs isn't the only one with this affliction!

  3. Hi Selena...I feel bad for Cory that stinks being sick...but he really can throw up ..tell him all he has to do is stick his finger way down his throat and he will if he does it enough....he will gag and gag and then it will come up...Really he will feel SO much better....hope you and the girls stay well.......( and a big hug and kiss for you...your a real doll ! )

  4. Strange that he can't throw up you ask? Mmmmm, I like to call it a blessing...


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