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Feb 16, 2012

oh my gosh you guys... 
its really freaking quiet in my house right now... 
the only one to keep me company is my new adorable dog {an entire post devoted to her cuteness coming soon}

its just weird not having her here.
Sophie and i have been together for over a month straight... that hasnt happened since we were kids! it was such a blast seriously, and she is totally herself again... its kind of miraculous... if you could have seen the before and after moments... holy crap.
 i will let her tell you all about it herself...

thrifted Blazer, H&M tee, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, Payless heels, Macy's scarf, MAC Gladiola lipstick {discontinued}

it is now that time of year where i scramble to get my house together for a HUGE joint birthday party for my little monster girls...
of the many, MANY things on my list, taking down my Christmas trees is one of them....

i feel that i have spent the last month being incredibly productive...
snuggling a baby is hard work.


PS... we are back....


  1. Awww!  I can imagine how you miss her and that sweet Benson!!  So glad you are back to feeling good again Soph!  I totally loved hanging out with you and Selina, sure wish you lived closer to us so we could hang and dish gossip on a weekly basis!  Love you both beauties~

  2. That's so good to hear.  I'm bummed that she's already gone though!  I kept meaning to head over there to hang out.  I'm so glad she had you to help her through!

  3. that's so cool you guys got to be together for a month. Amazing! Sister reunions are the best :)

    xo, Lissie

  4. OhlittlemookieFebruary 16, 2012

    yay Sophie!!  that makes me so happy!!  :)

    you look hot, Selina!  loving that blazer!  i want in on that look...  ;)

  5. Two of the strongest women I *know* ~ wow! Sister power to the 100th degree, YOU DID IT! Wishing you all the best Soph, Benson is adorable & I'm sure your family is glad to have you back, as we are! Selina - in a few words YOU ROCK!


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