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Feb 8, 2012

Just like momma.... Add heels to this look and I would totally wear it! her shrunken blazer was thrifted {as all of mine are} her knit pencil skirt was made from an old top, add cool shoes and great accessories and you have a very grown up looking birthday girl!

What's crazy is that she turned 9 on Sunday and i'm not sure how it even happened! Oh, and the grown up talks we've been having... Totally embarrassing stuff... She is handling it all like a champ! I, however, sweat bullets over how to answer some of her very grown up questions... We've had the bra talk and "that time of the month" talk and loads of other mortifying talks that I won't even mention...

Oh boy... We are only just getting started

apparently they are called "tweens"

at this lovely, slightly PMS-y age

Pray for me people!

~ Selina

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  1. learningnewtricksFebruary 15, 2012

    I laughed while reading your comments because it reminded me of those days when having to address those delicate and life changing topics. My daughter and I have always had a good relationship, and discussed those uncomfortable topics with her from a very, very young age in age appropriate terms. She still feels comfortable discussing very personal things with me (she is 23 now), and has always shared more with me than her friends would with their mothers.  She shares because of the respect we have for one another, and mainly because she knows I will listen, give honest feedback regardless of whether I am supportive, and maintain her confidence. You are establishing a really good foundation with your daughter. In these difficult times where young girls are forced to grow up so quickly and confront issues beyond their tender years, it's comforting for girls to know they have mothers who are genuinely loving and have their daughter's heart and well-being in mind.


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