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Feb 21, 2012

it all adds up to a super crazy shirt that i picked up thrifting with Sophie...
another item that she sort of snickered at...

i have to admit... this print is totally nutty...
but after taking in the neck and sleeves just a pinch i kind of love it!

 these pants are another story... seriously high-waisted 80s stretch jeans that i thought were Evas size... the plan was to take them in and make jeggings for her.... 
i seriously underestimated their stretching powers.
they were definitely an adult size mascarading as teeny jeans for 9 years olds...
i could stretch them nearly twice as big as they looked! i turned to Sophie and said
"i think these jeans are for me!?"

they feel like jammies not kidding {i slept in them once to be sure} 

thrifted top, thrifted jeggings, Dollar General beads, Macys necklace, Manic shoes, MAC lady Danger lipstick



  1. Lovin' the orange top with the bright blue pants. Win!

  2. Love the top. It looks super comfy. Great color blocking too :)

  3. I love the crazy print, it is so unique and fun!  You look great!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  4. I love thrifting crazy shirts like this. My sisters laugh at me too. xD

  5. I aspire to be this brilliant someday!


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