falling for my "wilma" necklace

Feb 27, 2012

dont you think its like Wilma? from 
the flinstones?

so i had a dollar store shopping spree months ago and collected some slightly strange crafty stuff, i had every intention of making beautiful statement jewelry and telling you all about it... and then i didn't 
well now i am! 
i am ready to get back on track and let you all in on what Sophie and i have been up to

i have been dreaming of a bold necklace like this and i knew that the only way to create it AND be able to wear it without breaking my neck was to make it out of something light and airy...
enter styrofoam craft balls!!!!
although i am completely falling over in this next picture i assure you this necklace is light as a feather!
i tried to catch myself but it ended up looking like an awkward dance move...
Macy's top, refashioned tube skirt, Aldo shoes, "Wilma necklace"

check out my super simple tutorial HERE

Also can i give a quick shout out to Dollarstorecraft.com?

we are all about simple and inexpensive over here and this site is right up our alley!
 here are a couple of our favorite tutorials...

{to die!}

{so cool}



  1. You made that necklace from dollar store stuff? Wow! 
    Your look is super cute. 

  2. I absolutely love this outfit!



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