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Mar 8, 2012

I died over these shoes.  I tried them on and sent a picture to Selina. I didn't want to take them off but logically decided to wait until they went on sale.

The color of this skirt is way more vibrant and pink in person... plus it's all stretch so it's comfortable and looks easy to throw on.

This backpack also comes in a bright yellow and white... I like all the colors.  A cute backpack is something I've been searching for... a backpack is a much more convenient alternative to a diaper bag. With two kids under two I can't see myself doing anything else...I NEED two hands.

I absolutely die over this Harajuku Mini dress. Gwen has done so well with this line. I just know Eden would never want to take this dress off.

I walked into Target for baby formula and I left with a little wishlist of things I loved.
What is on your wishlist for spring?



  1. Rachel LukeMarch 08, 2012

    Did they have that skirt in the store? it's all out of stock online ):

  2. We adore the Harajuku line! My girls have several of the dresses and tops from it. SO SO CUTE!

  3. It was in the store but in very few sizes...must be a hit!

  4. I just bought that skirt but in the turquoise color, and it is so comfy. I actually did an outfit post with it a few days ago go check it out. Great list by the way Target has great clothes right now!


  5. Sisters4saymoreismoreMarch 16, 2012

    It really is the most fun! Such cool funky stuff. Ahh I miss you and your darling girls:)

  6. Sisters4saymoreismoreMarch 16, 2012

    I have seen it in two different stores... hopefully they will get it in stock online again soon!


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