Mar 16, 2012

Blazer~Express (hand me down), Striped top~Forever 21, Belt~Thrifted, Skirt~Made myself....
Shoes~STOLE THEM! okay not really.
While Selina was out here nursing me back to health she found these for me at a Target for 2.18... SERIOUSLY! and you can tell that I was in a really dark place because she had to convince me to buy them.
I couldn't think of what to wear with them... Now I can't think of what NOT to wear with them.
2.18, I mean for real? Lets hear about some of your great steals!


  1. Katherine BecksteadMarch 16, 2012

    SOPHIE! you are adorable. love them shoes :)

  2. AlekshandmadeMarch 16, 2012

    love the shoes! great outfit!!

  3. You ladies find the best deals! I think these shoes are probably the best one though! Love the belt too :)

  4. My best recent steal? Let's see...I saw some cute ankle boots at Gap, leather lined with a fuzzy fabric for warmth, low heel. I thought they would be really cute with skinny Jeans. They came in black, and a medium natural color. They were $89.99. Couldn't do it, so I checked online and in store from time to time for a sale. I think they got to maybe $59. Still, no, because they are too casual for where I work, and I don't spend a lot for casual clothes. Well, after this mild winter, I stopped in a Gap last week...they had one pair of each color in my size, 10, which is rare at a sale. They were...are you ready...$4.94 per pair! Needless to say, I now have both colors. Bonus, perfect amount of room for my orthotics!

  5. Hi Sophie,,,I have never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I know your sister Selena and if your like her all I can say is wow...she is the best , so pretty and so kind...and creative ...
    Anyhow I love your blog and your creativeness.!!  I don't have an ounce of it so I admire you and your sisters...keep up the wonderful blogs...
    Jeanette... (  Megan's mother in law )  : )


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