Mar 26, 2012

these pictures are hilariously wonky... 
{all for you Sophie}
i decided to post them anyway so we can all enjoy my awkwardness
 in my defense Eva was taking the pictures AND it was freezing and windy... and you know how i loathe the elements...

thrifted blazer, Handmade necklace{coming soon}, Refashioned shirt, Pac Sun jeggings, Kohls shoes, Mac 'Force of love' lipstick {limited edition}

k guys, now that we have laughed at me lets dish about Hunger Games!!!! i wont spoil anything in the post but if you want to talk about it via comment i will chat back with you guys!

i loved it PS... rockin awesome!

k guys


  1. It is so awful to take pictures on a windy day!  I still thing your outfit is really cute!


  2. Ashley ByrdMarch 26, 2012

    I LOVED THG!  I did felt like that spent too much on the Capitol and not enough on the District and Katniss's back story, and I actually liked her buying the pin in the market  for Prim as opposed to getting it from the mayor's daughter.  Did you read the books?!

  3. Ashley ByrdMarch 26, 2012

    Also, Lenny Kravtiz was AMAZING as Cinna!

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    I did read the books but only once through and a while back so I felt like I needed to go back and re read to see what was different..iagree about the pin at the market, I thought it was a good Balance of capital and district 12 but i'm gonna see it again and pay attention to that...you might be right I just didn't notice... Some people are saying they didn't like peeta.. I loved him!

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