fairy dust

Apr 9, 2012

Ballet flats~ Old Navy .47 cents, Levi's~ 6.00 Kohls, Top~7.00 Bella Bird @Walmart

 I spent a good portion of the day today standing in the sun making "sparkles" and "fairy dust" on the wall with my sequined shirt so I could get one cute(naughty) little two year old to giggle. 
Here she is making an appearance in the above photo with her classic "whine at mommy's feet" pose.

So can we talk about Bella Bird for a second? They do not sponsor our blog or anything but I just had to make a quick shout out. My shirt was on clearance for 7.00 and I'll take a little sparkle for 7.00 any day. 
I always get sucked in while grocery shopping at Walmart. They have some really cute stuff. It is quite affordable too although, I am an extreme bargain hunter so I generally still look on the clearance rack. They have some very cute modest stuff.... See HERE.



  1. Um..check out the amazing after baby body! (baby #2!) You look amazing Soph! I like Bella Bird as well, I just hate going into Walmart. ;) Love love ya!

  2. Sisters4saymoreismoreApril 09, 2012

    You are such a sweetie Chris!! and PS TALK about bod after baby... you my friend have got it! 

  3. I LOVE your top! and gosh, you look amazing! Love you soph.

  4. I just checked out their site. saw a lace dress. died three times. i swear. a lace dress for 22 buckaroos? i'll take it! Too bad i live states away from the nearest walmart that carries them. Poop!


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