some people are Tough...

Apr 17, 2012

 i am stubborn...
i am determined...
i am crazy...
i am lazy...
i am even a little vain...
but Tough?
i wouldn't typically describe myself as tough in any way, just ask Sophie... weakling is more like it...
 ...they dont let just anyone have this sweet sweatband!
 yep, i did it.... i survived the TOUGH MUDDER...

with only a small battle wound to show for it...
ok, so seriously... i couldn't even walk by mile seven. every joint in my body had seized up and refused to move, i practically shuffled through the last 5 or so miles... i would have little bursts of adrenalin just to do the obstacles and would go right back to my old lady shuffle.

but the footage! 
it was all worth it because we got some awesome stuff recorded!

yep... that is how i got my beautiful battle wound... 

and now i honestly feel like i could do anything... i mean come on! as long as i am warm and dry i will never complain again! 5k, 10k thats baby stuff... im so game! 
its funny because i really thought i would die or at least stay in bed for a week... but i feel amazing! the Tough Mudder actually turned this super girly weakling into one tough chick!

now be honest...
who thought Cory would carry me half the way?
who thought i would quit?
who thought i would be carried off on a stretcher?

{i thought all of the above!}



  1. shamclover85April 17, 2012

    You are my hero, Selina Pengelly!!!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing are you?! I have absolutely no excuses for the wimpy attempts at physical exertion I almost never do daily! P.S. How can you look that fabulous after all of that? Seriously...

  2. You are so hardcore, girlfriend! Warren and I have been reveling in all the photos and vids from the event (especially the one where Warren thinks he's climbed out of a mud pit but then falls backwards into it). you = hero.

  3. Purplepixie26April 17, 2012

    You are awesome and so amazingly good looking. The women in this family are "UNSTOPPABLE" (did I spell that right)  We kick trash and take names!!!!!!!!!! For posterity GO MISS SELINA!!!!!!! You are my hero !!!! Supergirl :)    Love Mom

  4. seriously so proud of you sweets!  Love you to pieces!!

  5. hahaha! ya SO funny! such good stuff! sorry i missed you guys sunday night! we need to plan a date night or something soon!!!!

  6. thanks girl!!!!  you're the sweetest! but lets be honest... you better believe i was rocking some serious waterproof mascara and lipstain... still gotta be me! ;)

  7. Maria_organogoldApril 18, 2012

    omg, so proud of you. i think after my first attemp going up that wall i would have sat and cried. lol
    jajajaj, i about peed on my self while watching ur video.  lot of love and respect for you.
    you guys looked awesome

  8. Michelle GrantApril 18, 2012

    i yi yi my friend did this and was sore for days- ya rock!


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