three years...

Apr 16, 2012

Blazer~TJ maxx, Shoes~Target, all the rest~ Target

These leggings have sadly been sitting in my closet with the tag on (that said 3.68) for 3 years...Why you ask? I don't know. They call for some toned thighs let me tell ya but for now I think I will wear them with long shirts and other such articles of clothing that cover my bum.

Sporting my 1.00 sunglasses...

 When I was in Michigan with Selina she taught me this new awesome way to line my eyes. Just a couple tweaks to what I normally do and I feel like she helped me get a more polished look. I will force her to do a tutorial.
Hope you are having a lovely Monday.
Sophie (sister #2)


  1. I had some leggings like that once, but they where so uncomfortable to wear! Mad me over heated like crazy!!! You look cute in them though. ;)

  2. Sue WestrellApril 16, 2012

    I have some leggings like those! They're one of my favorite pieces right now - fun, awesome, and nowhere near as awful to wear as I thought they might be. Wearing them makes me happy. And I just want to steal all the shoes the four of you have...they're all so amazing and pretty.


  3. Purplepixie26April 17, 2012



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