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May 23, 2012

k guys i LOVE to review beauty products... its seriously super fun for me! and its even more fun when i love it and i am dying to share!!!!
Skin care is really important to me, i might not always remember to wash my face every morning and night but i only use really good products because you dont want to bargain shop beautiful skin! {everything else is fair game ;)}

and on to the review...


 thats really all i can say because your face just feels so good after using the night cream! its so refreshing with a burst of citrus... yum!
my skin feels amazing! super soft and no breakout transition period, which we all love!
i have high hopes for the long term benefits for this stuff, my skin already feels brighter and fresher!
the eye cream { Spa.Ceuticals ReneneC} was more of the same... refreshing and lovely...

my skin has never been very troublesome, just sort of lifeless, dark circles, an occassional break-out here and there... but the one thing i have been having trouble with lately is the chemicals and synthetic ingredients... i am very sensitive to food already and lately its been the ingredients in my makeup and skin care {totally depressing i know!} i had a migraine for 2 days because of an eyeshadow i was wearing! {no lie!... long story}
so i get excited when i hear about a great company like this one who takes a very Holistic approach to skin care...

this company was started by a stay at home mom in search of skin care solutions for her own troublesome skin history, she discovered through research and hardwork what worked for her and lucky for us this lovely company bloomed from her discovery!

Raw Skin Ceuticals
nutritionally balanced

they have an acne line as well as sun care, baby care and even dog care! {yes Lilly dog, something for you too!}

as far as more details about how it works and what is in these products, you simply need to check it out, i just know that i loved it and my skin feels great! and i cant wait to try more of their products!


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