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Jun 12, 2012

Top~Forever 21, Belt~Thrift, Skirt~Thrift/Refashion, Boots~Ross, Bracelets~Made

I am figuring out that I love opposites in style. I love edgy with feminine. I don't know why but the contrast totally makes me happy. 
...oh, and that I am a bit stripe obsessed but, I think everyone already knew that.

This last weekend was my little Eden's dance recital.
With the help of 5 students and two teachers she made it on stage with tears and a gaping mouthed cry to do the final two dance moves!
Go Eden! 
It was the most hilarious part of the show. One of the students tried to get her to go out by throwing something on stage to have her go get.  She stopped crying and confidently walked out to turn right around and hand it right back to the student and then promptly start crying again.
Can't wait for the video.

(Sis #2)


  1. Katherine BecksteadJune 12, 2012

    how are you so attractive?

  2. Purplepixie26June 13, 2012

    Eden's recital was one of the highlights of my entire life!  Love YaYa


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