ginger brows

Jun 13, 2012

(Stay tuned for reason of bleach and dye stains oooo)

So i've been thinking i want to lighten my eyebrows. Naturally they're black right? So if i want to fill them in or whatever it's much too dark for my tastes. While at Walmart with my bud Kelsey i'm like 'hey lets dye my brows tonight!', no big deal. Of  course she was all for it, and we got us some bleach and were ready to do some damage. Anywho we bleached them for about five minutes then checked them. Holy crap. They were freakin orange!! Aaand blonde, aaand black what the?!... But for some reason i couldn't stop laughing, i thought it was total comedy! Meanwhile Kelsey is almost in tears and nonstop apologizing, But she had to  head home. So there i was, left all alone with massacred brows. This is totally fixable!! i ended up bleaching them AGAIN (hence my freshly bleach-stained sweats, cute!) then dyed over it with brown, but oh hey this brown is like red?? Cool.. really cool actually! i totally loved it! And i just had to tell Kelsey i now had ginger brows. TOO GOOD.

Hi, im Elise and i love my red eyebrows.
Love, sis #4


  1. Ashley ByrdJune 13, 2012

    This reminds me of the first time I ever dyed my hair.  I was a senior in high school and spending the night at my best friend's house.  We decided to dye my hair a lighter color, I think, blonder.  (I have dark brown hair.)  So we go to Walmart, pick up the dye, and go back to her house.  At the time, I had LONG hair.  My best friend, who had dyed her hair numerous times, starts working on mine.  Then she realizes we need TWO boxes because my hair is so long!  So we go to ask her mom if we can run back to Walmart, and she tells us NO!  I don't panic too much (mostly because I'm a novice at this dye-thing), but my best friend is freaking out.  She finally convinces her mom to let us go.  So I'm waiting in the car with my hair half-covered in dye with a towel around my shoulders while my best friend takes her SWEET time going in there and coming back.

    When it was all said and down, my hair was one color, BUT it was reddish as opposed to blondish.  AND I actually loved it!  I've never been able to recreate that color since.  The good thing's only hair, and it will grow back, so good for you for embracing your red brows!

  2. Purplepixie26June 14, 2012

    I Love your style girlfriend!!! You are so funny, I love your story. You are so beautiful, stylish, gifted, and kind.   Love Mom

  3. The brows look great, but what I'm really noticing is your gorgeous eyelashes! What is your secret?


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