the highlight

Jun 4, 2012

cardi~Ross, skirt~H&M, top~Walmart, shoes~Nordstrom rack, necklace~Forever21

Spent a lovely weekend up at my mom's with my little family and my Grammy who was visiting from California.  We went fishing (my husbands FAVORITE hobby) and I had the opportunity to go fishing with my mom.  Can I just say with out disclosing any embarrassing information, that fishing with my mother was the total highlight of my weekend.
Thanks mom.

Have a happy Monday! I will be sitting on my porch watching my little lady splash in her's supposed to be 95 degrees today!


  1. Haelimae AllenJune 04, 2012

    Oh my goodness! I am like...totally stoked that I have that same h and m skirt! I worship this blog and take careful notes so to see that I am on the right track gives me all kinds of warm fuzzier! Squeal! Not to mention...I went to three...yes three different h&m stores while visiting NYC ( I am a Montana girl and sadly h&m's glory is no where to be found in my neck of the woods) looking for one with a maternity section...and this skirt TOTALLY NOT EVEN MATERNITY is my pride and joy and greatest treasure! Hello $5 wonder! Anyways...had to share my excitement. IOU are curious what it looks like on a preggo...go here:

  2. I love you, your face, and your always amazing outfits!  I can't wait till I have babies, because then we're going to spend a ridiculous amount of time on your back porch together watching them splash in the pool.


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