a tiny dog and a large man...

Jun 5, 2012

thrifted blouse, Lia Sophia necklace, Target skirt, tights and shoes, Five below sunglasses
 so, i was gonna talk about how freaking hot it was this day and how i was the only person at church in tights.... and how i really wasnt trying to make any sort of fashion statement... i just hadn't finished waxing my legs, i had only made it to about the middle of my calf... super gross, super hairy, super embarrassing...
But then i saw these pictures and realized that  my large husband and tiny dog were really the breaking news here...

 he holds her like a new born baby...

and lets her kiss his face more than he lets me

the cherry on top of this ridiculous shoot is this final move...

did you catch that?

here, let me scoot over....

thanks sugar, your "move" really saved this boring post about tights and hairy legs...
its way better now,
you always make things better love.



  1. Amber FarrisJune 05, 2012

    you two are super cute! and how funny! 
    my little brothers do this to me when im doing a "photoshoot" lol.
    So fun.

    ps. i am having a giveaway if you would like to participate :)http://redheadeddaybook.blogspot.com/2012/06/giveaway-tuesday.html 

  2. Crissy MichelleJune 05, 2012

    Hey Selina, I love the outfit. It's really gorgeous. Sorry it took so long for me to vist your blog I've been very busy. How cute is your husband doing the yoga pose.

    Let's stay in touch


    xoxo- Crissy

  3. Jennie WhitingJune 05, 2012

    I'm DYING over here.  Thanks Corey for the laugh!  My favorite one is where Corey's knees are together and he's making a smooching face, pretending to be you!!  LOVE this post.

  4. Haha so awesome! I just love you ladies you always make me smile! You look great by the way! Just dropping by to let you know that we awarded you the Sunshine Award today, http://www.prettyprovidence.com/2012/06/sunshine-award.html. I'm sure you've already had it but I just couldn't resist, I love your blog! Thanks for taking the time to share with the blogosphere. 

  5. So is he the MASTER of the PHOTOBOMB or what??!! LOL
    You look beautful as per usual!!

  6. awesome photo bombing! I'm sure that's what my husband would do if he wasn't the one taking the photos. We even have a dachshound.


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