i have a new photographer...

Aug 15, 2012

can you guess who?

drum roll please....

Rue 21 top, Lia Sophia necklace, thrifted shorts, Simply Vera for Kohls shoes {gift}, MAC "cut a caper" lipstick


 he makes a pretty good model too!

this one is the "selina"

he calls this one the "sophie"

the only teeny downside to my new {extremely handsome} photographer is that i am completely mortified and embarrased to have him take my picture!!!! 

i have always been mildly embarrassed in front of a camera {somehow stage is no problem... so weird}
but 11 years of marriage isn't enough to make me comfortable in this situation... it doesn't help that he will say things like "uh, not that face..." {which i truly do appreciate but then i proceed to snort-laugh which inevitably leads to my nostrils coming out... and once they are out they are really hard to put away} in all fairness, making me laugh is a good idea in theory... its just that im not a
 "pretty laugher" 
you know what i mean
 {if your not sure check out my favorite hubby and wife duo Tys and Sydney...}
i am the "throw-your-head-back-unnaturally-double-chin-nostrils-flared-quasimodo-eyed-freak-of-nature type laugher"
its NEVER pretty
and i honestly dont care that i look like a total weirdo... i love to laugh {another huge reason i married this guy} so when i laugh its 100%

but my gross laugh face is simply not stylish
{i promise i will post a really super bad one just for kicks one of theses days}

i am excited for my very creative and artistic husband to take some super cool pictures {it was his idea to take that "butt" shot that ended up a sweet shot of the back of my mullet top... i told him he was crazy and then used the picture anyway... thanks sweetie!}

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  1. Haha! I love love love this post! Xo

  2. Ha ha! That IS the Sophie look. Cory is so funny. He always makes me laugh too. Love you!

  3. Hee hee, I totally know how you feel. I don't know why it can be embarrassing to work with the ones we love!! :)


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