Mmm Fall

Oct 15, 2012

Sweater: H&M/ stolen from my norwegian friend, Shorts: Soph's Closet, Tights: From Livy, Shoes: Cotton On.

Fall Fall Fall, i love Fall!!
 Now imagine that in song form.

Fall is perty much my fav time for style for one important reason... LAYERING!!.
It's my first impulse when putting outfits together to pile on layers of random junk. Plus i'm nutts for anything sweater-like. Plus also, i've found a new love for tights. They are great.
Me likey Fall :D

love~ sis #4


  1. Loving your hair!

  2. I love this outfit and your HAIR! So pretty! I love your blog. You girls are gorgeous. I wonder if I can get my sisters in on a blog with me :)


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