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Oct 17, 2012

Bag~khols, Jeans~Elise's closet (pac sun), Oxfords~thrifted, Watch~flea market, Necklace~Made it myself

The Make Do challenge is almost over! I am thrilled to say that it has helped me a lot. I cleaned out my closet the other day and realized how much money I wasted on ill fitting "almost there" items. It has really made me think about what I should spend my pennies on. I was always a frugal shopper but now I think I will be a smart and frugal shopper.

What do you DO?
Frugal fashionistas let us know your secrets!
Thrifts, refashions, money smart tips, spending plans, DIY make overs, and more!
We want to feature YOU! 
Next week we will start a series of posts all about you, and your savvy smart ways with fashion including a couple of great guest posts.
We are looking to feature 5 of our lovely blogger friends to brag about!


  1. Jessica ResolmeOctober 17, 2012

    I don't buy full price clothes because i know it will go on sale if i wait a little and be patient.I go to thrift stores with my husband too and get such a good deals on everything not just clothes.

  2. Is the kohls bag from this season?? Love it!

  3. sisters4saymoreismoreOctober 18, 2012

    Great tips! Do you have a blog? You should link up!!

  4. sisters4saymoreismoreOctober 18, 2012

    It's from last season. It was 6 bucks on clearance!!

  5. My only tip is that when you try on something and look in the mirror you have to say yes right away to buy it. If you have to think about it chances are you won't wear it. But if you find yourslef drawn to that item over and over again maybe splurge on it.

  6. sisters4saymoreismoreOctober 22, 2012

    Love this tip! Sharing it in a post today!


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