Christmas wish list

Dec 11, 2012

Christmas fun list

Christmas fun list by sophiafogt 
featuring h&m Forever 21 knit top / Old Navy shawl collar cardigan / H&M , $24 / Ring / Minnetonka 'Double Fringe' Moccasin ... / The Lost Language of Symbolism An Essential Guide for Recognizing and... / Charcoal Rug 

Yeah, I'd be cool with any of these awesome things all under 40.00 (except the rug and table/chairs).
What's on your list this year?

Ps~ I like old movies. I can't seem to find many people who will watch Singing in the Rain and Gidget with me .... I will most likely watch Meet me in St. Louis by myself but I will have a bowl of coconut ice cream in front of me and be a happy girl.


  1. I love Meet Me in St. Louis! Just watched it (by myself) the other day! My husband watched 5 min. with me

  2. Hey, Alonzo Gaskill was my world religions professor. Coolest guy ever! Also, I love old movies but my husband has a "can't watch it if it was made before 1970" rule. pshh he's missing out on all the best!

  3. My (then) two and a half year old watched Meet Me in St Louis with me. She loved it more than I did. We had to learn the words to the Trolley Song and sing it four times a day.

  4. nonsensicalnonsenseofmeDecember 20, 2012

    You are going to love Meet Me in St Louis if you get it for Christmas. I love old musicals.

  5. totally loving those thin gold rings - perfect for a great variety of outfits!

    would you like to follow each other?




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