nothing like a tutu to pull you out of hibernation

Mar 18, 2013

TOP: Target mens, SHOES: Michael Khors, TUTU: c/o ESkakti

The doorbell rang. 
I was handed a yellow and red package. 
Ripped package immediately open. 
Put tutu on my body. 
Started to dance. 
Little three year old joined me.
Started to twirl. 
Three year old put on giant pink tutu. 
Danced around like I was a child too. 
Smiled a lot.
Thought it was a good idea to jump off the couch.
Then we did.
Joy had.



  1. Love you Sophie!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And that is a darling tutu! I'm sure Eden had a blast.

  2. You are adorable Sophie! I would have twirled in that tutu like no other too ;)

  3. Diary of a Brown Eyed GirlMarch 18, 2013

    You are so cute! I love the ballerina pose you did!

  4. Love this tutu, and love this outfit! And LOVE how it makes your legs look a mile long! (I'm sure those amazing shoes don't hurt either).

  5. Um SOPH, you're gorgeous. Thee end.


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