two weeks to go

Mar 20, 2013

PEPLUM: made it, JEANS: forever21, BAG: steve madden @ ross, BOOTS: steve madden, @ nordstrom rack, SUNNIES:  walmart

Lately I have been riding a roller coaster of EMOTION. Being a single mom while my husband has been away with the army has been hard to say the least. I find myself experiencing all of these ups and downs... and mostly feeling coo coo for coca puffs. I am keeping it together with the help to one really awesome person.
In August we invited Elise (sister #4) to come live with us. She would be a senior in high school and was seeking change of scenery. She moved out here and began taking dance lessons at the studio where I teach and really began to excel. She was even asked to be on a few competition teams. So this change was great for her and it meant I could be around her more... which I love!
So, back to today... I never knew that it would come around full circle like this. She needs me and I definitely need her. I am so blessed to have her here with me while my husband has been away. She has been my laughter, my support, and my sanity! I really can't imagine what I would have done these many weeks with out her help. 


The other day I decided that I was going to make a peplum top. So I did. I took pictures along the way and I can't wait to share the tutorial with you very soon.


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  3. Sisters are the best! I am glad she is there for you!


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