{pee-peed} high-low twirly skirts...

Jun 11, 2013

that face that Eva is making.... 
its my favorite face. its the face that happens when shes laughing so hard, she just can't take it anymore... its simply entirely too difficult to keep both eyes open at once...

when she makes this favorite face of mine Cory and i turn to eachother and say...
 "well, shes cracked..."
too bad i can't remember what the heck was so funny!

i stayed up till 4am finishing these blasted skirts... nobody cares what they wear Easter Sunday but me, but a care enough for everyone else, let me tell ya...

I decided on a circle skirt using this beautiful clearance fabric i found at Joanns. I found an Awesome tutorial on MADE and just bumped the waist cutout forward 4 inches to create a high-low twirly skirt

{kind of like this}

thrifted top, skirt and earrings {spraypainted}, Target tights, Kohls shoes
photo bombed by the dog who PEED on my interfacing AND waist bands.... anyone in the market for a long haired doxie? She's very beautiful and only pees on important things... shes a smart one...
{he's hansome}

 can we just take a second to die over these peep toe kitten heels?! 
thanks Payless!
Target Tops, Payless Shoes
{yes i noticed that i should have cut my trim on the bias, but i was in a sleep deprived stupour... i had already cut every last piece of fabric when i realized, it makes me cringe...}

Have you every had a project peed on by a cute dog? or just peed on in general?
{I'm not entirely sure there isn't still some pee on these skirts that i missed...}


  1. Amanda A :)June 13, 2013

    Aww I love those skirts! The girls are adorable in them. Good work mama :) ps. It's great to see your face again!

  2. I have made circle skirt before but never thought about getting it to a high-low skirt. You are genius!


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