Skip 'N Whistle... literally

Sep 21, 2013

yep... i skipped
and i know its doofus, but how cute is this raglan top!!!

 Octopus sweatshirt Skip 'N Whistle, refashioned white button down, Guess jeans, Rock and Republic for Kohls boots, F21 glasses

{i sort of whistled too but thats really only because the dogs started barking and freaked me out}

bahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!! these are all for you Sophie!!!

i was terribly grateful i had this top when Michigan had the strangest summer cold front blow through... i'm talking end of july and early august... so weird.
i'm a freak about my summer weather lasting as long as possible so i need awesome cute fall clothes to cheer me up... as long as it doesn't snow {then I'll be pissed!}

so i want EVERYTHING in this trendy tee boutique, its all adorable kitschy with a splash of geek and a pinch of edge... not to mention the comfy American Apparel tops they use... {they dont shrink!!!}

here is the only bad part...
sometimes i wear it all day AND to bed and then maybe also the next day...



  1. Oh my gosh! Not only do I love this look, but you are killing me with you skipping and the use of the word doofus! I just used that the other day and felt like a doofus for saying it. You look gorgeous as always

  2. carrie dimasSeptember 24, 2013

    Selina, I just love your style.... Love Mom


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