stretchy pencil skirt for Eva...

Aug 11, 2013

oh this kid... so shy...
its back-to-school time and we are preparing in many obvious ways, school supplies and such... and some not so obvious ways... refashioning and repurposing! Making old things a little bit more exciting and in some ways, completely new is one of my favorite pass times...
my old stretchy belts...
my old fitted tops..

stretch pencil skirt!
the tutorial is pretty much self explanatory...
 -cut the tee under the armpits 
-put it on inside out and pin it to fit
-stitch up the side seams
-cut the ends off the belt leaving only the elastic
-stitch the ends together
-stitch the elastic to the skirt with a zig-zag stitch

once the belts are cut down the measurments shrink to kid size so sadly, there is no pencil skirt for me... gonna need to thrift some stretchy belts in my near future!



  1. What a great idea! Also, you need to work on getting that girl out of her shell! :)

  2. Amanda A :)August 11, 2013

    Oh that skirt is seriously adorable and I love, love, the color combo. Your daughter just livens it up even more! It's unfortunate she's so "shy" lol Gorgeous girl like her mommy :)

  3. thanks amanda!!!!! you are such a doll!

  4. LOVE IT! Also, can you please be my personal wardrobe stylist? Actually, can you, Eva, and Cora be my personal stylists?

  5. A little model in the making here! She is adorable ♡

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