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Dec 2, 2010

Every day we hung out I was like, "OHHHH your outfit!!!.... I love the shoes. I love that sweater. I love your hair."  I'm pretty sure by the last day it may have gotten annoying, but I really did love everything about her outfits. Almost all of Katherine's outfits are thrifted. She is a thrifting genius! For real, I saw her in action. I adore her feminine/school girl/vintage style.


I have been trying to pin down what exactly my personal style is and trying to only fill my closet with thing that I LOVE aka.... "DIE OVER":)  I admire and love Katherine (not only cause she's totally sweet) but because she knows what she loves and rocks it.
I love how she wears tights with socks in the top and bottom pic.... so cute!

How would you describe your personal style???

check out Katharines blog ThriftedThings 



  1. I love her blog, she always looks so sweet!

    I've given up on defining my style, it is just what I love, when I love it! (smile)


  2. I LOVE the dress in the 2nd picture, so pretty especially with the yellow sweater!

  3. I love her blog... I started following it when it was featured on her a few months ago. She's got great style - I wish I was a better thrifter!! :)

  4. I'm loving the second look!

  5. She is soooo thrifty and creative.

    PS having a giveaway, come by and join the fun.

  6. Selina, Where in Michigan? Anywhere near Grand Rapids? We always come north for Christmas...

  7. loved seeing you sophie!! can't wait for the next time i'm up in utah :)


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