a lesson from sophie...

Dec 9, 2010

i've said it before... i sort of hate doing the "photo shoot" aside from being embarrassing i still haven't figured out the logistics of it all... for example

a failed shoot..

inner dialogue:
"oh, the camera is on... crap... kick your foot up so you can see your shoes! ok... bad idea, super dumb, now what do i do? try to look cool, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!
 Whoa! yep, thats a step, use the wall to brace yourself wilst looking chic... that was not chic
hmmm... this is so stupid, i can't use this
at least i know Sophie will laugh!

 the "smell my arm pit" pose... (...what?...)

the "surprise"face... or better known as the "sucking out of an imaginary straw" face

and the "Ole`" pose... i don't know why...

 the ONLY halfway decent shot out of many attempts

 So today i kept sophie on the phone for moral support...

 she can't save me from my grouchy face, whats MY problem? "crop your face out" is Sophies advice

you need good light she tells me... i live in a tiny cave of a house... there is no light except at the top of the stairs...

 K- now what do i do?

 all you need is light, dont worry about getting your shoes in the picture....
but i LOVE my shoes!!!

how am i supposed to pose on the stairs without falling?.... be creative she says

 How's this.
 this one is for you sis....


Cardi, old navy $3
tasseled Tee, F21 $4
Scarf, H&M $3
skinny jeans, F21 $7
Leg warmers, my stash of dance warm ups
brown suede slouch boots, Macys $20

Brought to you by Beso.com


  1. ha ha you sum up my experiences with my tripod perfectly. All I could capture was a half chopped off head and a blur of a girl...

  2. haha! self timers are so fun!

    Just Better Together is having 2 giveaways!

  3. oh my word girl your facial expressions kill me!

  4. look at the bright side -- your bed was made!! :D i do that kind of thing all the time, btw, only i'm not brave enough to capture it on a camera. the mirror will suffice. i need no extra humiliation. :)

  5. you are super cute!

    i love the new look on the blog too :)

  6. I DIE over your new blog header. It's PERFECT!!! So..how do I become a sponsor of the fab four? :)

  7. Hah! Totally feeling your pain. You don't know me, but I just started doing a fashion(ish) blog of my own...with the self-timer. Yeah. Check it out over the coming weeks if you want: http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com
    Have a good one!

  8. love the new header!!!

  9. lol. I like the 'smelling the arm pit' pose. The ones where on the phone turned out great.

    Also love the numbered sister photo's on the side. So cute and professional.

  10. You're hilarious! I love all of your failed attempts. What about getting some kind of box/crate to stand on top of on the stairs so that you can stand up taller in the light...and prop the camera up higher to match your new height? I dunno if that'll work on your stairs though...I've never been upstairs before! :) Cute shirt too!

  11. This is hilarious - I think a lot of people can relate to this, too, especially me!


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