A sweater skirt...

Dec 7, 2010

Elise is a seasoned super star thrifter at the age of (almost) 16 

i would like to say that she totally got it from us (me soph liv and our mom) but i swear she was born to thrift... she picks up stuff that NO ONE would look twice at and makes magic happen...

Navy tights... totally important

see... MAGIC

now all i can think about is how can i get my hands on a knit skirt... or better yet make one... 
i love to knock off my own sisters style ;)

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  1. cute! i love the color combo. and i have those exact boots!

  2. I saw a tutorial where someone took a mans sweater and made it into a skirt. I'm thinking of trying it because I really want a knit one for the winter!! Let me know if you come up with any knock off solutions:)

  3. I've done that! It's super easy, I posted a tutorial here:

  4. aw, she looks fantastic! I was definitely not that stylin' when I was 16! :)


  5. She looks awesome!
    I think I am going to try this with one of my old sweaters, see what I can work out!

    I was so awkward at 16....why couldn't I have been 1/2 that cool??


  6. LOVE! quick q...are her boots Aldo? LOVE them...thinking of getting ones in brown!

  7. Seriously...SO adorable! I need to try Sarah's suggestion and get a man's sweater to make this.. Wish me luck! Eep.


  8. Love the shades of blue, grey, and black! Everything comes together so well. You girls are all so pretty!


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