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Dec 11, 2010

I am SOOOOOOOOOooooooo..(etc. etc.) NOT the expert on this, but I have figured out a few tips that have helped a TON!  Look back at some of my old posts to see how much of a learning experience this past year has been. 
If you have ever tried taking self portaits you know it can be an embarrasing and awkward situation, hopefully this helps you Selina!
(I love having this blog becuase we sisters learn from eachother....thank you Selina for the smokey eye tutorial, it totally helped my make up skills!)
  • Find the time where your house is most lit, if you're taking pictures inside (Most of my pics are inside). Lighting is the most important factor. My camera is a 3 year old 8.1 mega pixel Casio, with a big dent in the side from being dropped too many times and some of the buttons don't always work, but it does the job!
  • Take the pictures near the sun (If the sun is even there at all, blasted winter!)
  • I like to use a plain background or some sort of a chair/prop.
  • Get the angle and height of the photo that you want by putting your camera on a box or stacking it up on books.
  • Set your self timer to the longest possible time. My camera sets to 10 seconds.
  • For poses I honestly try to look natural but truthfully I'm not the most photogenic.  It normally takes about 20 pictures before I find one or two okay shots.... just keep trying!
  • Also, if the shot doesn't include your shoes and it's an "outfit pic" just take a picture of the shoes by themselves, we all want to see shoes up close anyway!
  • Once you upload your picture to your computor I have loved the simple coolness that happens when you increase the brightness and increase the contrast (I wish wish wish I owned photoshop!!) another GREAT and FREE website for easy photo edits is
Here's some examples!

This is in a tiny corner in my kitchen.

I know my face is blurry but I still think it's a pretty cool picture.

This picture is enhanced with the contrast button, I'm really not that tan.

I didn't love my eye's in this pic (I looked weird) so I cropped them out.

Taken a little before noon, when I get the best light in m bedroom. I am sitting on my floor in socks and grey sweats, my pants weren't in the shot can you blame me!



  1. ya'll are always the sassiest!

  2. You guys are too cute!

    Love the header and the tips are great. Still I have the hardest time taking photos. I want to do something dorky in them so taking a normal picture is hard to do.

  3. love your new header!
    and thank you for the tips :)

  4. My pictures don't always turn out the best but that's what Photoshop is for, right?? I always up the brightness a TON because my pics end up too dark.

  5. I love your new header and numbered pictures on the sidebar. You guys are so cute.

    I try to follow these tips when I take outfit shots inside, but I think a lot of the time I just get lazy or forget about proportion when I'm posing. And then there's the whole 'try not to look stupid' situation I always end up in.

    And I am so so glad you mentioned picnik! I've never heard of it before but I don't have photoshop either and so I've just been posting my outfit photos as-is the past couple months (I used to have a decent photo editor with my old OS, but we had to completely wipe and reboot the computer since then). I'm going to start using it now!

    Sorry about the super long comment...

  6. Try Photoscape!! It's free, easy, and have various cool "film effects" too! :D you can d/l it here >>


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