meet orangy.

Dec 4, 2010

So I was thrifting one day and found this fabulous orange chair.  I brought it home. My husband took one look at it and said it was the ugliest chair he'd ever seen.  I loved it so much he let me keep it (ha ha I just realized that it sounds like I brought home a puppy or something) and I promised one day he would love it too after some TLC and maybe some new upholstery.
I see the chair's potential.... don't you?

So, I am kind of obsessed with suspenders... I got these almost a year ago and can't believe I haven't worn them until now. Suspenders are awesome cause they make you feel preppy but still edgy at the same time...doesn't make sense, I know.

Outfit details:
cropped jeans: forever 21 9.50
 grey T-shirt: target 7.00
oxfords: little boys section DI(thrift) 4.00
suspenders: thrift(DI) 1.50
beaded neaklace: made by sister #1

PS~ My hubby had bikes growing up one was red and one was orange. He named them Redy and Orangy...
Hence, my orange chair had to be named "Orangy"


  1. I like the chair! I camt wait to see what color fabric you're going to choose!

    Just Better Together

  2. LOVE! I'd keep that awesome orange colour but maybe in a pattern with some white ala Ikea Fabric...LOL!
    Honestly it like it is!
    My hubby would not be as cool with it as yours! boo...

  3. The shoes, the suspenders...THAT chair! So beautiful!

  4. My grandma used to have a cat named Orangey... and I agree, that chair has mad potential!

  5. I love suspenders too and I don't care what anyone says about it...okay mostly matt, he says suspenders are for boys only, can you believe it. That chair is awesome. I wouldn'nt even reupholster it, I love the orange!

  6. I like the chair as is. But I love retro.

  7. These pics look so awesome, yeah for your new house and having all sorts of areas in the house for pics! Love you and Brent! So much like me and Mike but switched.. wait, does that make sense? Anyways, you get it! Right?

  8. love the chair, i could never get away with keeping something similar lol, ur complete outfits is awesome. im jelous in a good. need help picking out the proper clothing for my body type any suggestions are very greatly appreciated.
    ps+ i would reupolsther the chair in a damask white and black patter can u image it , omg it be 100 times better, just my opion i do like da orage thou.
    apple shape body

  9. oh, I love orangy!! great pick, love to know what you do with it / what you decorate around it :)

  10. I just don't get it...I could wear suspenders and sit in an orange chair...and I would totally not look hot like you guys! I don't know how you pull it off! I try to copy your outfits..and I look a mess. It's not fair. Not sure we can be friends...okay I take it back..let's be friends!

  11. Um..I kind of hate you for getting those amazing shoes for $4!!!


  12. I love wearing suspenders, too. They are so stylish and comfy! Paulina


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