a 70's platform and a little bit of ditz

Jan 19, 2011

Check out these cute (not weather appropriate) shoes.
These pretty platforms were 6.00 from DI(thrift) this last summer.
They are yummy, brown, leather and vintage... It was like striking thrift store gold!

Can anyone else see the line in my hair where the color changes from reddish brown to brown to really light brown... anyone?
I had blond hair a year and a half ago SEE HOW BLOND I WAS. It's time to refresh that color, I'd say.

No makeup...

A bit of makeup....

"A little bit of ditz"
So my sisters and I are incredibly intelligent women who occasionally do really stupid things. We love to laugh at ourselves and thought you would like to join in on the funnies.

This morning I'm wearing my 1.50 Forever21 glasses, since my other ones broke...(I break glasses sometimes so I really love that these were 1.50!!!)
On my way to walmart to grocery shop I notice that the lenses were a bit blurry... hmmm. I better clean them when I get home. I walked around all morning with my "foggy" glasses.




  1. I love your wedges. I need to find cute comfortable shoes :( for cheap

    Just Better Together is having a $20 gift certificate giveaway!

  2. I'm really liking the color combinations here!

  3. I love that cardigan & those shoes. Great outfit. That orange chair is to die for as well!

  4. several things: (1) i love everything about this post. (2) Thing 1 just summed up anything else i'd need to say, but i said i had "several things" so now i'm looking for filler. (3) i can't be happy until i have a plaid shirt like that paired with a cardigan like that added to some wedge sandals like that. (4) LOVE the addition of "a little bit of ditz." hah!

  5. Sophia, I am sorry you got a little ditz from your Mom.

    Love Me

  6. I love this entire look. Adorable.

  7. So darling. You have got to be the prettiest sisters I have ever seen...


  8. Such fab shoes! Wish I could find such great scores here in NY... everything seems to be triple the price, ugh.


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